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      In recent years, stainlesssteel reactor(www.gfanyingfu.com) is applied more and more widely, in order to avoid solid reactantprecipitation to stainless steel reaction kettle, a new stainless steel reactoremerges with the tide of the times. The products in the original stainlesssteel reactor design and heating method based, so the bottom of the reactionkettle do some adjustments.


      Because all of the problemsare due to solid reaction material to the stainless steel reaction kettlebottom caused by precipitation. So the main solution is to avoid precipitationeven if there is no mixing or stirring. It by adding an auxiliary stainlesssteel reaction kettle bottom and the realization and the auxiliary stainlesssteel reaction kettle bottom than the actual to slightly higher, leaving 3 ~ 10cm gap. This solid reactant will be deposited in the auxiliary stainless steelreaction kettle without actual stainless steel reaction kettle bottom formationheat insulating layer.

      通過不銹鋼反應釜底間隙間的對流作用熱傳遞將是連續均勻的。 輔助的不銹鋼反應釜底用高強度不銹鋼(SS314)制成,上面帶有許多小孔,孔徑比反應物料的粒徑略小,將這種篩網切成圓形。其邊緣向下彎曲作支撐,當固體反應物料負荷很重時,輔助底下面可以加一個金屬環作為支承。這樣便可避免固體物料集中在不銹鋼反應釜底。

      Through the convection heattransfer between the stainless steel reactor bottom gap will be continuous anduniform. Auxiliary stainless steel reaction kettle is made of high strengthstainless steel (SS314) and above with a plurality of small holes, apertureratio of reactants particle size smaller, will this kind of screen intocircular. The edge is bent down as a support, and when the solid reactionmaterial load is heavy, the auxiliary bottom can be added with a metal ring asa support. This is to avoid the solid material in stainless steel reactionkettle.


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